Summer is Almost Here!

Sign up now - spaces are filling up! 

If a day is full that you would like to register for, write the date in the comments at the end of the registration form and we will add you to the waitlist and let you know if a space opens up.

If you would like to switch days you are already registered for, please send an email to

Each group meets in the morning outside of the annex building of the Vineyard Church - 1137 Riverside Dr. - from 7:30 to 9:00 am and then set out on field trips for the entire day.

Check out the draft calendars below. The world is still changing, so we aren't 100% yet, but we are getting close! TeenCamp is still on the way:

KinderCamp 2021 Schedule

FunCamp 2021 Schedule

TeenCamp 2021 Schedule

Karate lessons, water fun or swimming pools (depending on safety), bowling, art in the park, cooking projects, music classes, and many more trips each week.

As things get safer, we may also be able to return to traveling to Denver or other towns once a week for bigger and longer experiences such as Eliches or the Aquarium.

When we aren't on specific field trips or with enrichment teachers, we travel to another park to eat our lunches, play on playgrounds, play field games, hold competitions, or embark on treasure hunts.

Your schedule may vary from week to week and you can add days throughout the summer as long as we have room, but it is looking like we will likely have a very busy year!

Camp runs Monday - Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm from May 27th - August 13th (excluding Memorial Day)

Costs: $58 per day or $275 for a full week (TeenCamp camping trips will be priced separately and those costs will be available once our full calendar is released)

KinderCamp Specifics
(5 & 6 year olds)

Designed just for going into and coming out of kindergarten, stays just as active and engaged, but they have access to a facility, which they return to each day for a short rest time (they are tuckered out by 3 pm!). This group of kids also needs a different level of direction in building independence skills which are (usually) already instilled in the older groups. Separating these kids allows for us to pack skill-building tasks into our day. We see a huge difference in how prepared children of this age are to start out their school year after participating in this program!

FunCamp Specifics
(7 - 10 year olds)

Our camp programs were originally designed with this specific group of kids in mind. They do not need a building. They do not need busy work at tables or desks. They do not need four walls and instructors to do have their best summer. They need space to run, permission to explore, friends to build bonds with, new experiences to be offered, and a bunch of camp counselors who are ready to do it all with them. One of the most consistent comments we get from parents is about how happily exhausted their kids are at the end of a camp day. Campers return year after year because this camp offers a true Fort Collins experience - outdoors, exploring what the town has to offer, taking advantage of awesome parks, great local businesses, and the talents of the workforce.

TeenCamp Specifics
(11 - 15 year olds)

We know that these older kids, but younger teens, need a very different kind of camp experience. Especially this year when they have been kept from so many social experiences that make life feel normal. By separating these kids from the younger groups, they are able to both take on more personal responsibility, as well as being able to just be kids a little bit longer without the pressures of setting an example - good or bad - for the younger groups. We have seen tremendous growth in social confidence from kids who attend this camp as they are able to practice and get guidance on social skills in a small group setting (10 - 25 kids each day) before going back to the big spaces that are middle and high schools in the district. Some 10 year olds may be considered for attendance in TeenCamp depending on maturity factors.

Small Humans ... Big Energy....


Check out our active and engaging summer camps that keep kids active and moving all day long. We are on field trips all day every day! No camp in town does as much as we do...and we've been doing it all through the covid crisis.