Educational Goals and Curriculum Beliefs


To provide a happy and safe learning environment by:

  • Providing laughter, socialization, and fun activities

  • Providing constant quality supervision and the ability to foresee and prevent problems and accidents

  • Providing quality experiences, such as projects, field trips, and routines that encourage learning in a kind and gentle manner


To gain respect from children by:

  • Showing genuine interest in children

  • Talking with children

  • Playing with children


To teach self-discipline and self-control by:

  • Teaching children self-regulation skills in order to make good choices early in life to help them make good choices later in life

  • Speaking to children as we would want to be spoken to – kindly, gently, and most importantly with respect

  • Providing CHOICES with consequences, not punishments

Call Us:

(970) 482-1212

Toddlers:                           405 Mathews Street, Fort Collins
Preschool & FunZone:      209 E. Plum Street, Fort Collins

KinderCamp:                     703 Prospect Rd, Fort Collins (June/July)
FunCamp North &             1800 S. Lemay, Ridgeview Classical School

TeenCamp:                       (KinderCamp here for August)

FunCamp South:               5552 Ziegler RD, Twin Silos Park