Before and After School Program

This Month's Enrichment Program:

All About Animals - Petting Zoo

presented by Colorado Carriage and Wagon

In addition to time at the park, availability of puzzles, science supplies, unique art tools and much more daily, we have a different spin on every day.


Mondays we play a Sports Game - Soccer, dodgeball, bowling and cool versions of tag - get kids moving, develop skills and learn how to play by the rules or make some up on our own!


Tuesdays we do a Team Challenge - Engineer a tower, Minute to Win It, scavenger hunts and all kinds of things to learn to work together and accomplish a task.


Wednesdays we go on a Field Trip - Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Chuck-E-Cheese, local parks and many other Fort Collins expereinces!


Thursdays we have a Karate Lesson, Dance Teacher or other Enrichment Program - It changes about every 5 weeks - check out the calendar for more information!


Fridays we create something - Duct tape creations, art projects, holiday crafts and more to get out our creativity!

Call Us:

(970) 482-1212

Toddlers:                           405 Mathews Street, Fort Collins
Preschool & FunZone:      209 E. Plum Street, Fort Collins

KinderCamp:                     703 Prospect Rd, Fort Collins (June/July)
FunCamp North &             1800 S. Lemay, Ridgeview Classical School

TeenCamp:                       (KinderCamp here for August)

FunCamp South:               5552 Ziegler RD, Twin Silos Park