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FlipSide is our program which compliments and coincides with the district's ever-changing programming. Until school resumes full time in-person, we will be offering care that supports learning in small and isolated groups of kids at times they are not attending in-person classes. Our programs have remained open, operating and serving families and we are practiced and confident about our ability to keep kids. staff, families, and the community safe.

We know this time of uncertainty is stressful for everyone, but please help assure your children that they will have a space where their peers and teachers will care about their health, safety, learning and fun!              

In the morning, we will transport to Irish, O’Dea, Bauder, Putnam, Tavelli, Beattie, and Shepardson Elementary.


In the afternoons, we will transport from Oleander, Shepardson, Beattie, Tavelli, Putnam, Laurel, Polaris, Bauder, O’Dea, Dunn, and Irish Elementary Schools and CLP Middle School.


Additional schools will be considered if they can be accommodated in our transportation route.

  • Children registered for before school care may be dropped off at 1137 Riverside Ave after 7:30 am. We have a few options for earlier drop-offs (as early at 6:30) with director permission, please be sure you have discussed this need with a director prior to dropping your child off early. Children may bring breakfast or an early morning snack, but we do not provide food during this time.

    During this time, children will have options to play board games, build with legos, read, draw, cup stacking construction, or receive homework help. Use of electronics are not permitted during this time.

    Children will leave to be transported to their schools at 8:20 am. Any child who has not arrived by 8:15 am will be considered absent for before school care.

  • Children registered for after school will be picked up with one of our vans or one of our school buses. We will work with the school for pick up options and times. Once children are picked up, they will return to the FlipSide building at 1137 Riverside Ave. Children will be cohorted into classrooms based on the school they attend and the bus or vans they rode in. We will attempt to keep these cohorts as separate as possible both in the building and on the playground.

    Upon return to the building, the children will be offered a snack (they may bring their own if they would prefer), time to play outside (weather permitting), free play, and a daily project (art, science, mindfulness, or teamwork/service). Once a week we will hope to take a field trip. Field trip information will be released the weekend before or as soon as we are able. Activity information and calendars will be released over the email provided at registration. Field trips will be outside as much as possible or limited to spaces where we can maintain social distance, usually, by renting out the entire space we will be using.

    Pick up is between 4 and 5:30. If you need care between 5:30 and 6:00 pm, you must arrange this with a director. 

    We do not have built-in homework time. If you would like your child to work on homework, please speak with staff about how we can make it happen and still get your child the brain breaks they might need.


$60 per full-day of care, such as on camp days when school is not in session or children learning through PSD Virtual

$30 per part day of care with transportation provided by Young Peoples

$20 per part day of care with transportation provided by families