To Achieve These Goals:

We have developed an extensive and unique curriculum.


Children learn best by experiencing a concept through a hands-on approach.  Reading and talking about water is not as beneficial as actually feeling and working with water.  Our goal is to help children learn and grow through hands-on experiences in their world.  Every day we want children to experience science, math, art, music, literature, small and large motor activities.  Block centers, housekeeping centers, computers, writing, art, and library visits are additional ways we supplement the classroom material. 


Children also need both child-directed activities, such as center playtime, and teacher-directed activities, such as creative art projects, so they can grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  Before kindergarten we want children to be able to have social control over their world by being able to find a friend, enter into a group, listen to different adults as well as having the necessary skills such as how to use scissors, how to write their name and how to follow directions.  Our balanced curriculum supports children in meeting these learning goals. 


In continuing with the hands-on approach to teaching and learning, we also enjoy field trips into the community.  It is important that children get to experience for themselves, first hand, how things work.  The pumpkin patch, the farm, nursing homes, music stores, grocery stores and much more provide such opportunities.  Preschool programs take two field trips per month and our Toddler program takes walking field trips occasionally.


Visitors are also invited to share with us their time, talent or information.  We have enjoyed having “Bat Man” – a researcher from CSU come and talk to us about bats!  We have had a parent who plays country music come and play for us with his band!  We have had many parents set up a time to spend an hour or so in the classroom each week with their child.  Parents are always welcome to share their time or talents with our school!


We make families our partners in helping their children learn and grow.  Families are a child’s first and foremost teacher and we cannot accomplish our goals with children unless we work together.  We communicate through daily notes, emails from teachers, assessment reports, and conferences, but it will always be our friendly teacher daily check-ins at drop off and pick up that will be our best means of keeping in touch with you!

Call Us:

(970) 482-1212

Toddlers:                           405 Mathews Street, Fort Collins
Preschool & FunZone:      209 E. Plum Street, Fort Collins

KinderCamp:                     703 Prospect Rd, Fort Collins (June/July)
FunCamp North &             1800 S. Lemay, Ridgeview Classical School

TeenCamp:                       (KinderCamp here for August)

FunCamp South:               5552 Ziegler RD, Twin Silos Park