Family Business since 1978

Young Peoples Learning Center was started by Dennis and Janice Griffith in 1978.  Janice's passion was for Early Childhood Education and Dennis' was for business.  Together they built the center from 1 location and about 30 children to 3 locations, multiple summer camps and about 200 families throughout any given year.  We have never tried to be all things to all people, but we work hard at being the best for the families we serve.  In 2010, Heather Griffith returned from Boston, where she obtained her Masters in Social Work with Children and Families.  Having grown up in the business, she became the Executive Director and officially took over in 2016.  During that time, the occupational and behavioral therapy offices were added above the Plum Street location.

Learning Through Play

While our teachers work hard to put together all learning centers and all activities to meet our 9 learning objective areas each week, children experience all learning as play and excitement.  Children leave our preschool classrooms with all the skills they need for kindergarten, but also with an amazing sense of wonder and a deep belief that school is fun!  Children attending our afterschool programs or summer camps are given time to play.  We know that children learn during play.  Songs, games and time in nature are the cornerstones of our programs.  Parents receive monthly calendars, daily notes, learning assessment reports three times per year and parent-teacher conference twice per year.  Kids receive a love for learning.


Here is the program we use for assessment:

Heather Griffith,
Owner/Executive Director

"The teachers and administrators here are on it!  In the two years that my child has been with Young Peoples, I have never seen them drop the ball or her or her peers."

Guidance Through Love

Academics are important, but it is self-regulation that helps kids become true successes.  We know that governing children through fear does not teach this, but rather through an acknowledgment of children's emotions, a recognition of their needs and an ability to teach them skills they need.  We use two frameworks to make this happen.


Conscious Discipline is all about how to use love and a knowledge of brain development to guide children to self-regulation.


The Pyramid Model is all about how creating great relationships and environments are the most important elements in a classroom.


We combine these frameworks to create a home-like environment filled with smiles, giggles, learning and love.  Teachers teach the values and skills of kindness, compassion, and composure.  Children know they are cared for and learn to care about each other.

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Call Us:

(970) 482-1212

Toddlers:                           405 Mathews Street, Fort Collins
Preschool & FunZone:      209 E. Plum Street, Fort Collins

KinderCamp:                     703 Prospect Rd, Fort Collins (June/July)
FunCamp North &             1800 S. Lemay, Ridgeview Classical School

TeenCamp:                       (KinderCamp here for August)

FunCamp South:               5552 Ziegler RD, Twin Silos Park