Toddler Program

Our toddler center will provide your child with a safe and nurturing environment designed especially for 12 months to 3-year-olds.

Through developmentally appropriate activities, we will help your child in establishing skills in fine and gross motor abilities, language, self-help and social skills.  Your child will have fun with science and math, books and words, singing and moving, art and creating, and sharing with and enjoying others.  Our enrichment activities include music, literature, baby massage, yoga, and Stretch-N-Grow.


For many children, this is their first experience in a childcare setting, and for many, it will be the first time away from mom and dad.  We want to make the transition as smooth as possible by developing a trusting, empathetic and nurturing relationship with your child.  It is also important to establish an open relationship with parents and families.  Working together, we can help your child have a successful transition from home to school.  Daily notes home help to keep you updated on your child’s progress and keep you well informed about all the activities your child had fun doing that day.


Our small home-like building is divided into three classrooms with limited class sizes.  The entire building is licensed for just 26 children and we are able to provide a wonderful experience for each child.


We understand the impact that these children's growing brains are having on their view of the world.  We work specifically on activities that improve children's positive attachments, through child-teacher attunement and develop a sense of self-regulation




12 to 18 Months

Turtle Classroom

For many children, the Turtle class is the first experience away from home.  With just 5 children in this class, our home like environment and nurturing teachers help your child to adjust and feel comfortable.  We gently encourage positive social skills, independence through exploration and familiarity with routines.  To accomplish these goals, children are provided with inviting surroundings, a variety of materials and furniture for their size, activities designed to allow growth and finer development of motor skills and nurturing and experienced teachers  

"We love YPLC.  Our daughter thrived in their environment and had great experiences at their school.  She enjoyed learning and being social with her teachers and friends.  We highly recommend their centers." -Greta Cornett

18 to 24 Months

Dolphin Classroom

The Dolphin Class allows for lots of one-on-one time with all the children.  We work hard to help your child feel secure in a group setting by offering many opportunities for this age group to learn. Their ability to use words to express their wants and desires is expanding from just one or two words to a whole sentence.  They are becoming more aware of the concept of others – learning about boundaries of behavior and awareness of other people in their lives. The Dolphin Class offers them a nurturing, safe place to explore their world and learn new skills. Through hands-on learning, they will have had exposure to math, science, art, language, music and literature.   They love the challenge and excitement of learning more skills.

24 - 36 Months

Whale Classroom

In the Whale Class, the teachers, help children in becoming independent and creative while preserving their unique personalities.  Your children will learn to dress themselves and learn how to use the bathroom.  We practice getting along with our friends and taking care of our own things.  Math, science, literature and art are incorporated into each day.  We specialize in providing a loving and safe environment in which your child will grow and flourish.  The Whale Classroom is designed to accommodate your child’s active and changing personality.  Through large muscle, small muscle and art activities, we teach colors, shapes, numbers, letters, counting, patterns, songs, finger plays, etc.  We have a varied and interesting curriculum which engages each child in learning.

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Toddlers:                           405 Mathews Street, Fort Collins
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